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Contact 4 Guys

4 Guys, Inc.
230 Industrial Park Rd.
Meyersdale, PA 15552
Phone: (814) 634-8373
Fax: (814) 634-0076
President and CEO: Mark Albright
    Handles all after-sales information.
    inspection trips, delivery schedule,
    and order changes.
    email:  albright@4guysfire.com
Office Manager: Chassity Weaver
    Handles accounts payable,
    accounts receivable, and human
    resources duties.
    email:  cweaver@4guysfire.com
Production Manager: Mike Lane
    Handles production questions,
    service and warranty claims.
    email:  mlane@4guysfire.com
Shipping/Receiving: Eric Shaulis
    Orders parts for new units,
    handles customer parts requests.
    email:  eshaulis@4guysfire.com

Sales Manager: Fred Meyers
    Establishes all sales policies, directs
    incoming sales to dealers and
    prepares quotations.
    email:  fmeyers@4guysfire.com
Assistant Sales Manager Mark Brenneman
    email:  mbren@4guysfire.com

Lead Engineer: Bill Scherer
    Handles mechanical engineering
    and production CAD drawings.
    email:  wscherer@4guysfire.com
Engineer: Nathan Callahan
    Preliminary & Production drawings
email:  ncallahan@4guysfire.com
Draftsman: Todd Sarver
    Preliminary drawings
email:  tsarver@4guysfire.com
Draftsman: Trevor Kerschensteiner
    Preliminary drawings
email:  tkersch@4guysfire.com
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