Millheim FC#1    
Millheim, Pennsylvania

CHASSIS: Spartan Metro Star
ENGINE: Cummins ISL9 - 450 HP
PUMP: Hale QMAX - 1500 GPM
SUCTIONS: 6" Steamers with MIV - Left Panel, Right Panel
   2-1/2" Aux. Left Side Panel
   2-1/2" Aux. Right Side Panel
DISCHARGES: (2) Speedlays with 2" Plumbing
   Front Bumper Trashline with 2" Plumbing
   (2) 2-1/2" - Left Panel
   (1) 2-1/2" - Right Panel
   (1) 4" with 5" Storz - Right Panel
WATER TANK: 1,000 Gallon Poly
GENERATOR: 15kW Harrison MPC
FEATURES: Automatic Snow Chains on Rear Axle
   Class 1 Enfo IV
   Painted Stainless Steel Compartment Doors
   Roll-Up Door on Rear Compartment
   Custom Stainless Steel Rear Access Ladder
   (2) Zico Pull-out / Drop-down Steps at Panel
   (1) Zico Pull-out / Drop-down Step at Rear Ladder
   4 Guys Hydraulic Ladder Bracket on Officer's Side
   Suction Hose in Aluminum Tray on Ladder Rack
   Federal Q2B Siren on Front Bumper
   (1) Whelen Pioneer Brow Light
   Traffic Advisor Traffic Control Light on Rear
   ASA Voyager Rear Camera System
   (2) Whelen 600 Scene Lights on Rear Face
   (2) Whelen Pioneer Scene Lights on Body Sides
   (2) Whelen Micro Pioneer Scene Lights on Rear

Driver's Side

Driver Rear Corner


Officer Rear Corner

Officer's Side

Officer Front Corner


Driver Front Corner